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Bailey Fiber Art Studio                Knoxville, TN

Mixed media & Fiber Art

Bailey Earith, Artist

Bailey Earith has engaged in a variety of art forms all her life.  Her creativity bloomed when she discovered fibers.  Bailey enjoys creating fabric art that has visual and/or actual textural elements.  These elements often include beads, vintage buttons, feathers, hand-painted fabric, manipulated fabric, cords, yarns, and found objects.  Bailey's art is eco-friendly.  She creates with recycled and re-purposed items as much as possible.  Bailey hopes viewers will experience a sense of joy and well-being upon seeing her work. 


She has exhibited across the country and has work in collections around the world. 

Bailey has been published extensively in magazines and books for her innovative studio work.

Down Syndrome Quilt traveled the USA

Aullwood Quilt Show

Cox Arboretum multi-media show

Dayton Visual Arts Center Quilt Show

Wright State University Multimedia exhibit

 Antioch University          

Troy Hayner Cultural Arts Center

Dayton Visual Arts Center Member Show

Installation – Seattle East Coffee House

Dogwood Quilt Show

Solo exhibit: UNC- Greeley, CO

Shows and Exhibits

It’s amazing!  We love it. Thanks for creating such a beautiful piece for us!

Jessica Tobin

VP, Brand Leader


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