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What is a Mandala?

A Mandala is a sacred space, often a circle, which reveals some inner truth about you or the world around you. In Sanskrit Mandala means both circle and center, implying that it represents both the visible world outside of us (the

circle- whole world) and the invisible one deep inside our minds and bodies (the center- healing circle)

Rose Window

Size: 17” diameter

Price: $631

qlt-0004 rose window.jpg

Cream Floral

Size: 27” x 27”

Price: $2025

qlt-0009 cream floral.jpg

African Mandala

Size: 27” x 27”

Price: $1775

qlt-0023 african mandala.jpg

African Sun Mandala

Size: 16” diameter

Price: $690

qlt-0031 african sun mandala.jpg


Size: 16” x 20”

Price: $1100

qlt-0006 affirmations.jpg

Energy Mandala

Size: 23” x 22”

Price: NFS

qlt-0013 energy mandala.jpg

Solar Mandala

Size: 32” x 33”

Price: $1850

qlt-0033 clare solar mandala.jpg

Mid-Eastern Mandala

Size: 21” x 21”

Price: SOLD

qlt-0037 mid-eastern mandala.jpg

Mandala #8

Size: 15” x 15”

Price: $395

qlt-0038 Mandala #8.jpg


Size: 39” x 61”

Price: $4140

qlt-0040 paradise.jpg


Size: 27” x 36”

Price: $3500

qlt-0054 goddess quilt.jpg

Parrot In Paradise

Size: 23” x 30”

Price: $725

qlt-0057 parrot in paradise mandala.jpg

Original Mandala Designs for Sale