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Bailey Fiber Art Studio                Knoxville, TN

Our Customer’s Feedback

“Bailey Earith's work is exquisite. The Mari Michener Gallery at the University of Northern Colorado hosted an exhibit of the artist's work. It was a beautiful show enjoyed by all. She also did several quilting workshops that were well received. I can recommend Bailey highly for her dedicated spirit and her high quality design.” 

--Colette Pitcher

"After admiring and longing for Bailey's fiber art for almost a year, I bought one of her fabric bowls for my office. I get compliments on it all the time, and it inspires my creativity every time I look at it. I love the colors, the textures and the images contained in it. It evokes peace, harmony and inspiration for me AND my clients. If you want something more than just "pretty," Bailey can create something meaningful and very special. I love the congruency between what she creates and what she stands for--there's just so much integrity there! That's what I want in the people with whom I do business."  

--Linda Pucci, Ph.D.

“…absolutely amazing...  I think it's awesome that you are taking a gift that you are naturally blessed with (peace keeping) and turning it into something amazing through art. We need more people like you to become ambassador's of peace and to strive for harmony.” E.B. Ontario, Canada

“You have so much talent.” –S.U.

“Your talent is phenomenal!  I just looked at your website again and am so enthused to see such professional creativity and expression.  So glad to know you and be inspired by you.” G.D. Interior Designer