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Artist in Residence Programs

Journaling are a wonderful way for developing many writing skills. Journals are extra special when you make them yourself. Students will create and decorate their own unique journals, then use them  for a creative writing project.   This is an excellent tie-in with creative writing, poetry, reflection, and idea presentation.

Grades: K-8 (regular) and 5-12 (special education)

Journal- Making

Students will construct three-dimensional figures from fabric, yarn, and recycled and found objects to create a character.  This technique is a modern adaptation of a traditional African art form.  Students will use their character as a writing prompt for a story. This is an excellent tie-in with English, American History, and Culture Studies.

Grades: 5-8 (regular) and 9-12 (special education)

Wrap Doll as Writing Prompt (Character Development)

Mandalas (Energy Circles) can be found in many cultures.  They are a wonderfully artistic way to calm your mind, meditate, and find your center.  Mandalas help develop higher order thinking. They are also excellent for reinforcing Math, World Geography and Art lessons.  Participants will learn to create original paper Mandalas. Tie-ins with specific cultures as arranged beforehand.

Grades: K-12 (regular) and 5-12 (special education)


For this special project, Teaching Artist will work with students to create a permanent mosaic tile art installation at your school...


mosaic installations: Bailey Fiber Art Studio

Mosaic Tile Art Installation

Residency Details

- Teacher’s presence and participation required

- Common core standards addressed

- Academic standards provided

- Assistance with grant writing available

- All materials provided

- Up to 4 classes per day  

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