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Bailey Fiber Art Studio                Knoxville, TN

Artist-in-Residence, Speaker, Instructor, Disability Specialist

Bailey Earith, Teaching Artist

As an Artist-in-Residence, Bailey teaches children how to create art.  Using her Occupational Therapy skills, she specializes in teaching academics thru art to children with disabilities.   She also teaches adults with disabilities and retreat participants.  Bailey believes in helping everyone reach his or her creative potential regardless of age or skill level.  Bailey teaches often throughout the year and has been published extensively in magazines for her innovations in her artist-in-residence work.

“Bailey, thank you so very much for the awesome residency. The children absolutely loved it!”   Julia King  8th grade reading teacher

“…And wish to say thank you, for what you do. It takes a very special person to work with these very special children.” E.J.

“Bailey exhibits a high level of commitment.  She has a clear vision and a can-do attitude.  She was adept in working with these (special ed) students.  She was very matter-of-fact about what they needed to get done, and kept her focus, not letting the students dictate distraction from the goals.  She broke everything into manageable steps and provided material choices without overwhelming them with too many options.  Her organization is noteworthy; she seemed to intuitively know how to work with the students and keep us on track.” Amy Broady, Art teacher

“I hardly have the words!!! …your residency... Amazing!!!!  Just a wonderful job. The work this year has really blown me away and I thank you for your hard work and efforts. I am most impressed.” Lori Kissinger, Executive Director  VSA-TN 


“I think the project approach that you use, along with the variety and complexity of tools, is completely awesome.  The kids gain so many skills needed for problem solving and independence. What you are doing is fantastic and should be spread throughout educational communities. Really I think what you’re doing is revolutionary to school systems and I hope that many others see it that way as well.” T.C. OTR/L

“Thank you for the presentations at this year’s arts education conference on Monday, November 14, 2011.  ‘Creating Mandalas to Help Students Focus’, achieved our goals of giving the teachers opportunities for hands-on projects that they can take back to their classrooms and use in many other areas of their curriculum.  The comments from participants were very positive and enthusiastic about your presentation, and we appreciate the way you always inspire teachers to think deeper and more creatively.” Pagiela Hill, Director of Programs & Grants Johnson City Area Arts Council


“Thank you so much for the week you shared with my special education English II class. The kids were totally engaged from the moment you introduced your character/story lesson til the 5th day when they presented their characters and stories to the class. I also observed them telling other kids in the school about the project. Today when the students gave their final presentations I was extremely impressed by the creativity and pride they exhibited. I believe that this activity is something this kids will always remember and it definitely increased their individual writing skills. I will attempt to take ideas you've demonstrated and use them in my classroom in the future. Thank you.” Roberta Bianucci, Sp. Ed. Teacher Hardin Valley Academy

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